Welcome to Little City Dogs
  Welcome to Little City Dogs.   We manufacture products of the highest quality for your pets and offer FREE SHIPPING on most orders — Jumbo Pack and LARGE orders ship via Priority Mail ($5) — EXTRA LARGE and/or expensive orders ship via UPS ($20)  Why pay $5 a pill for capsules are the freshest money can buy and cost 75% LESS! Our Little City Dogs products ship fresh because we make them DAILY. Thanks for shopping with Little City Dogs!


Welcome to Little City Dogs

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FREE First-Class Mail shipping on most orders
$20 UPS shipping on LARGE ORDERS
  As pet owners just like you, we know how responsible you feel for the care of your pets. Even in these times when every penny counts, we still want the highest quality products for our pets.

At Little City Dogs, we formulate and use our own products. You have our promise that we will never sell you anything for your pet that we would not give to our own.

Little City Dogs

*NOTE: Starting January 1, 2015, $5 shipping will be applied to
Jumbo Pack orders and orders of 8 packs or more or weighing 13 oz or over
as they must travel as Priority Mail.
If PayPal fails to request the $5 shipping, we will ship anyway,
but invoice you for the $5 shipping charge.

Orders of over $500 or more will be charged $20 for shipping and shipped via UPS.
That's the bad news, but the good news is MOST of our orders will still be shipped FREE.
If you are charged for shipping PLEASE don't write us. We are aware of this PayPal glitch. You don't have to ask, we search for and automatically refund shipping overcharges.

PayPal will confirm your order and we will ship to you in 1-2 business days
At that time, PayPal will confirm that we shipped and send you a tracking number.
We pay PayPal to send these confirmations, so please do not write
and ask us to send you a second confirmation!

Thanks for shopping with Little City Dogs!

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